Nickel-plated copper wire

Copper wire is usually oxidized and degrades slowly in acidic environments when used at high temperatures. It cannot be used when the temperature is higher than 150°C. The company uses electric soft copper wire (acid-free copper) materials, the surface of the electroplating method, plating a uniform layer of nickel, with high conductivity, high temperature and other characteristics, can inhibit oxidation at high temperatures.
Specification And Characteristics
Commodity Diameter
Tensile Strength
NPA(soft) 0.60~0.80 < 392 > 10 Carton Drum/Reel
0.580 < 300 > 10 Carton Drum/Reel
NPA(hard) 0.58 > 457 > 10 Reel
0.45 > 450 < 3 Reel
Safety/Quality Approvals
Usually used for calendered wires, heat-resistant wires, silicone rectifier leads, temperature sensor leads, etc.