TCP Wire

The low-carbon steel is used as the core material, the outer layer is coated with a high-purity oxygen-free copper layer, and after repeated drawing and annealing, the outer layer is plated with a uniform tin layer by electric plating. It has excellent properties such as inhibiting corrosion and helping to dissolve. According to customer processing needs, provide a variety of characteristics of materials. Its uses include capacitors, resistors, rectifiers, etc., as well as leads for various electronic components.
Specification And Characteristics
Commodity Diameter
Tensile Strength
TCP(soft) 0.40~1.20 < 490 > 10.0 Reel, Plastic Drum, Carton Drum
TCP-H(half hard) 0.40~1.20 440~540 > 1.0 Reel, Plastic Drum, Carton Drum
TCP-C(hard) 0.40~1.20 > 540 > 1.0 Reel
Safety/Quality Approvals
It is used in electric condensers, resistors, rectifiers and lead-in wires of coils and many kinds of electronic components.