Company history

Conpany history

Established: October 1987
Start of business: July 1988

Funding establishment in early 1987, capital amount: 160 million.
Shareholder: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.: 63%.
Walsin & Cable Co., Ltd.: 20%.
PEWC and Cable Co., Ltd.: 17%.
1999/04 merger with Taiyou Company, The amount of capital was changed to 300 million yuan.
Initial product:Lighting DU line/Electrolytic Capacitor (TCP/AL line).
2000/04 Dumet Wire / CCS Wire put into production.
2001/10 Brass Wire put into production.
2002/03 (TP/NP) Wire Tin / Nickel Plated Copper Wire put into production.
2007/12 Sumitomo Electric Industry Co., Ltd. holds 100%.
2010/12 High-Purity Aluminum Wire was transferred to a Malaysian plant.
2013/12 Copper Clad Al Wire put into production.
2014/01 Established Semiconductor Foundry Department.
2014/03 Tin-Plated Brass Corner line put into production.